Free Muslims Organize Historic Conference at Jewish Settlement

December 27, 2011
Kamal Nawash

Free Muslims Organize Historic Conference at Jewish Settlement

This has been a historic month in Israel/Palestine. It began with a successful conference in Jerusalem with a large diverse audience that included Palestinians and Israelis of all backgrounds. To view the conference, visit:

The Free Muslims were then invited to meet the editors of the Jerusalem post to present one of the plans that was produced from the feedback of Israelis and Palestinians. See here:

We have also visited Ibrahim Sarsur, Israeli Arabpolitician and member of the Knesset for the United Arab List, of which he is the party leader. He invited Kamal Nawash to address his Islamist political party where he asked them to adopt the idea of a shared future for Israel/Palestine where Palestinians and Israelis have legitimate tights in a shared country.

We are NOW holding a conference at the Ariel Jewish. Kamal Nawash of the Free Muslims and Igal Cohen-Orgad, Chancellor of the Ariel University are expected to call for equal rights for Palestinians and the removal of the separation wall. Ariel will also Post the Palestinian Flag.

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For more information visit:

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