Join us for a Real Peace Conference in Jerusalem

September 15, 2011
Kamal Nawash & Doron Tzur

More than a year ago, the Free Muslims Coalition was contacted by Israelis and Palestinians who requested that we help them formulate a plan for establishing a federation between Israel and Palestine. We responded by creating the Task Force on Israel/Palestine. We joined forces with established partners such as Yehuda Schwartz and Doron Tzur. Kamal Nawash and Doron Tzur serve as co-chairs of the Task Force with many other prominent Israeli and Palestinian activists joining the Task Force.

After more than a year of hard work we have completed one proposal that we think could be a reasonable proposal for a shared future. The proposal is a skeletal starting piece that will evolve alongside other proposals based on constructive feedback from Israeli and Palestinian groups whose make up is representative of the larger population.

The proposal is being published to coincide with the Palestinian Authority's plan to seek recognition for statehood from the United Nations and Israel's opposition to such a move. Despite the heightened tensions between the governments, we witness an increasing number of Israelis and Palestinians who want to work together for a better future.

The Task Force includes Jews, Christians and Muslims from the left and the right, whether religious or secular. The next step is a conference in Jerusalem where a group of Israelis and Palestinians will discuss this proposal on equal footings with other submitted proposals for the way forward. Based on the feedback from the participants in the conference the proposals will improve and then be presented to larger audiences to empower Israelis and Palestinians to actively participate in resolving the 100 year conflict.

As we are organizing for the conference in Jerusalem this December, we need your support. We want to hire translators to translate from English, Arabic and Hebrew, a conference room, video broadcasting and recording, meals and travelling expenses for participants and a special web allowing people to participate online. We need your help. This effort is expensive so please donate at: If the link does not work, go directly to the website:

Please read the proposal here Let us know if you support it and make detailed suggestions to improve it.

Give us your input on our website or become a member of our face book group: Free Muslims Coalition's Task Force on Israel/Palestine: here:!/groups/israelpalestine/?notif_t=group_activity

For More information, contact Kamal Nawash, 202-776-7190 (USA), [email protected], and Doron Tzur 011-972-544-287322 (Israel) [email protected]

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