Ten years after September 11

Ten years after September 11

A Muslim perspective

Kamal Nawash

I will never forget the morning of September 11, 2001. My sister was living with me and I had just walked into the living room after getting dressed. My sister was watching the news and she said it appears a plane hit one of the towers. I saw a fire from one of the towers but the event was yet to be dramatic. I walked to the kitchen to make coffee and seconds later I heard my sister scream "oh my God a plane just hit the second tower." I immediately sat down as if I became paralyzed. Minutes later, my building shook. I live near the Pentagon in the tallest residential building in the Washington DC area. We were all scared. I remember climbing down 26 floors for fear of getting into the elevators. The shaking was the third plane striking the Pentagon.

At that time I was the first Muslim and Arab American to be nominated by the Republican Party to run for public office in Virginia. Initially, I was not sure who committed the terrorist act but I knew Muslim and Arab organization needed to respond immediately with condemnation.

After I got myself together, I ran over to the offices of one of the American Muslim organizations. I wanted them to contact the other Muslim organizations and ask them to come out with a strong condemnation of the terror attacks. I offered to write them a press release.

I started calling other Muslim organization to ask that they offer strong condemnation. They asked me why were I assuming that Muslims did the attack? Well, as it turned out, Muslims did perpetrate 9-11.

As to my political career, I suspected it was over and my suspicions were confirmed when all my volunteers quit and never showed up again. I was left by myself in my campaign office with campaign stickers and signs but no campaign.

Prior to September 11, my routine included going house to house knocking on doors asking people to vote for me. This was particularly difficult because I am naturally shy and I needed someone with me. I recall that two or three days after the attacks, a17 year girl named Aisha called me up saying she wanted to help me and after I explained my routine she said that she would knock on doors with me. I said Great, please come over. What showed up was an ultra orthodox Muslim girl from Pakistan who covered her hair and wore a black robe. When I saw her, I thought "oh my God, that is all I need." I used every excuse in the book not to go with her and later she figured it out and even offered to take off her scarf.

By the third day, I said to myself "I can't just sit here in fear feeling sorry for myself." I decided to go out knocking on doors again. I was surprised when people treated me so kindly. They felt compassion for me. I remember receiving a call from the Speaker of the House of Delegates, Vance Wilkins, who offered to help me in any way he could and he did. I will always hold him in the highest regard.

Several days later, I was scheduled to attend an event for the Fairfax County Republican Committee where all the candidates were to be introduced. I became nervous while waiting for my turn as one candidate after the other was called to the podium. Finally the chairman said "from the 46th District, Kamal Nawash." I began walking and for a few seconds there was absolute silence in the room. Suddenly one person started clapping and then the entire room of approximately 200 stood up and began clapping. On that day, I felt proud to be an American and I felt genuinely loved.

As to the Muslim leadership and their response to September 11, I watched in horror as one Muslim leader after the other went on TV and made an ass of himself and in the process gave the impression that Muslims were insensitive and cruel. The truth is, most Muslims don't belong to any Muslim organization and are not even aware that most of the Muslim organizations exist. Most Muslims are busy paying their bills and raising their kids.

At the time of 9-11, most Muslim organizations in Washington, D.C. were managed by unsophisticated immigrants who simply did not understand American culture nor did they know how to communicate to the media. Prior to 9-11, most leaders of Muslim organizations in Washington belonged to the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood which seeks to establish utopian theocratic "Islamic" governments in the Muslim countries. They believe that such governments would eliminate most of the developmental problems in the Muslim world and help propel the Muslim world forward. The reality is they have accomplished nothing other than to convince women to cover their hair and men to grow beards. They are an unsophisticated bunch of ideologues who dream of the glory of the past rather than the possibilities of the future.

The Muslim organizations' lack of sophistication did not matter before 911 because very few of them appeared in the news. Their ability to cause damage was limited to the people they communicated with personally. After 911, every news agency wanted to talk to them and the average Muslims paid the price for their "leaders'" ideology and lack of sophistication. For example, rather than condemn terrorism in no uncertain terms, they would say "well…we need to look at why those people committed the violent acts." This standard response gave Americans the impression that Muslims justified the attacks or implied that the attacks were justifiable. The average Muslim paid a heavy price for their bearded "leaders'" stupidity.

As for me, 911 had a deep psychological impact. I was horrified to see people jump to a certain death in order to save themselves from the agony of being burned. I developed a fear of flying and I became extremely angry with all Islamist movements and their ideology. For two years I approached various Muslim organizations about changing their rhetoric and their response was that they knew better. Finally, two years after 9-11, I realized that a new Muslim organization was needed to say the right things, to represent average Muslims and to reduce the number of TV appearances made by the traditional Islamist organizations. The idea of creating the Free Muslims Coalition Against Terrorism was born in 2003 and formalized in 2004.

The plan worked. By 2004, the Free Muslims were making TV appearances every other day and showing Americans that Muslims were divers, sophisticated, patriotic and sensitive. Soon others followed with organizations such as the Islamic Forum for Democracy taking a leading role in challenging the archaic traditional Muslim organizations. Some traditional organizations went out of business and those who remained had to change their ways and became more sophisticated.

However, the damage was already done and many Americans now view common Muslims negatively or with suspicion. The Average Arab or Muslim became the target of attacks from hundreds of talk show hosts and politicians wanting to make a name for themselves. Arabs and Muslims became the untouchables of the United States.

Many Muslims became reclusive and refused to cooperate with law enforcement because of the perception that law enforcement was out to get them.

Nevertheless, many terrorist suspects, who were arrested in the United States, were arrested with the help of other Muslims who contacted the FBI. But Muslims continue to be demonized. Any Muslim who wants to achieve any position of prominence is usually attacked by groups who do nothing but attack Muslims and Arabs over unfounded allegations and paranoia.

The demonization of Muslims and Arabs must stop. The average Muslim and Arab does not support the Islamist organizations in Washington DC nor does he want to create an "Islamic state." The Islamist message is dying out and the world is better off.

There is a new dawn and reason for hope. For years, the Islamists who supported the Muslim Brotherhood believed that if only the countries of the Muslim world became democracies, people would choose "Islamic" governments or religious based governments. Well, the world has watched as the "Arab Spring" replaced four long time leaders. In those countries where people have a choice no one has demonstrated for a Binladen or jihadist type government. And while it is premature to make a final conclusion on the outcome of the Arab Spring, there appears to be significant opposition to any government based on religion.

As to the role of the new Muslim organizations, they need to focus on countering the message that religion and state must be mixed. There is ample religious justification for arguing that Islam supports the separation of religion and state. Muslims are not extreme. It is the ideology that mixes government and religion that produces outrageous results. The same happened when Europe mixed religion and state and in fact that period is called the dark ages.

In the mean time, Americans should not view Arabs or Muslims with suspicion. Arabs and Muslims are good neighbors to have and are necessary to fighting and catching extremists.

Please help us continue the fight against extremism. We are all volunteers but we can use all the help we can receive. Please donate online: http://freemuslims.org/support/donate.php

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For more Information contact Kamal Nawash, 202-776-7191, president@freemuslims.org, www.freemuslims.org

Posted September 08, 2011 by Kamal Nawash | 32 Comments



With all due respect, the very single fact that you are with the Republican party shows yet another example of someone voting against his interests. I have no respect for your political choice whatsoever. You are obviously blinded by the extreme means, funds and intelligence invested in ignorance.


Posted September 09, 2011 by Alain

I was in China on Sept. 8th, 2001. By some very odd circumstance, I found myself in the same meeting room with two Saudis, one an extended member of the royal family. We were both doing business with the same supplier. We were sitting at two different tables, about 10 feet apart. The royal Saudi was paying no attention to his business meeting, which he left to his assistant and was watching me. Not just watching but glaring, with a big grin and deep, pervasive sense of satisfaction, best described as if he just had slept with my wife--and did so just to piss me off. What made this so extremely odd was the last time I had any proximity to Saudi royals about a decade earlier, they (2) would not even look in my direction, let alone make eye contact and they appeared very disturbed--just sharing the same air with me. Shallow breathing, a bit of sweat on the foreheads. This guy seemed euphoric.
Three days (evenings) later, right about dusk, I realized that he (in my humble estimate) had known what was soon coming. The earlier encounter was no longer a mystery but quite understandable and logical.
I had spent 15 years building a business that supplied the vacation trade. Not long after, my bank replaced my loan officer with an Arab guy, (yes, you heard it correctly), who then called the note (on demand) and (falsely) put my company in "default". They then prevented me from obtaining Federal Disaster Relief funding, which I was entitled to and had been approved for--as a supplier to the vacation trade. The same bank then spent $5-million in court expenses litigating a $1.5-million note. Which is even less logical because I had little money to pay them and even less, after paying my side of the legal expenses.
I have spent the last ten years in a frenzy, working 60+ hours a week and am still daily struggling to stay out of bankruptcy court. (Kinda like a cross between the first scene in "Apocalypse Now" and the last scene in "Goodfellas"). I have not had a week off in the last 10 years.
I come here to send a letter to the future. Like "Winston" in "1984".

Posted September 09, 2011 by Trollstein

Kamal, I have been following your hard work for several years and applaud your efforts. I want to thank you standing up when you saw the need and for pouring your heart into making things better.

You've made a big difference in the post-9/11 world. The Free Muslims Coalition has helped many Americans understand that most Muslims are-- as you said-- just trying to pay their bills and raise their kids.

Alain: dismissing every member of the Republican party as "obviously blinded by the extreme means, funds and intelligence invested in ignorance", is just as intolerant as dismissing every Democrat because "they are all socialists", or every Muslim because "they are all terrorists".

Kamal advocates opportunities for dialogue and cooperation, something you appear to believe is wrong because you're so willing to toss the entire Republican party out with the bathwater, so to speak.

I hope you will rethink your position, because one excellent way to make a positive difference in this world is to constructively work with people who may not have the same belief systems or cultural values you do.

Trollstein: your name perfectly explains your comment.

Kamal, keep up the good work!

Posted September 09, 2011 by Bonnie Wren

Dear Kamal, I thank you for that heart felt letter. You remind me of many Americans who have a religion and do not know what it teaches, but because their parents were in it, they too were.

Why would a good man like yourself and many others called 'muslims' remain part of such an obvious hoax? No one, who can reason and question can come away from reading the 'qruan' and know that any real god had anything to do with its content. The 'qruan' states boldly in Surah 10:37 that is confirms the "books that came before" the Bible. You are a learned man, and therefore know that the 'quran' and the Bible are exact opposites and have nothing in common but characters names.

In your letter you mentioned nothing about the vile evil of the 'quran' nor of its author muhammad and his alter ego, allah. Please Kamal, if you indeed love your people and America get to Isa. I sure you know or have heard of Dr. Ali sina. You and others who love people and living in freedom need to look him up Faithfreedom.org.

BTW: the comment by Alain, is just the opposite of truth, and no more than liberal.

Posted September 09, 2011 by rocketman

Kamal---I think it’s almost too late. 9/11 has changed the every nation in the world.

After 9/11 there’s no way of even achieving an rapprochement between Americans and Muslims. The Christians and Jews will see to that.

Of course Muslims are not going to leave—living in America is the best place any one who can contrive to manage it – in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, etc. – offers the best one can hope to live moderately well as a free man.

You may think this strange, but the only future for Muslims in this country is if King Abdullah travels to the Israeli Knesset and welcomes the Jews in the Arabian Peninsular.

If he does, we will see a “World Spring”

I can think of nothing else possible to save the day. It’s just too late for anything else. Tears and regrets are insufficient

Posted September 09, 2011 by Martin

Bonnie Wren:
It was a true recount.
What does a true recount have anything to do with a name?
Do you normally ridicule every Sept-11 victim you see?
BTW, the handle is intended to be a sarcastic projection.

Posted September 10, 2011 by Trollstein

Thank you, Kamal, for your factual and enlightening article. Islam has created several excellent ciilizations...in its time. Perhaps the best of these was the Caliphate of Spain. The Muslims of Spain translated the ancient Greek writings to latin and passed these great ideas on to Europe. If they had not done this, then we may not even know about the Greek democracy of ancient times. There were other excellent societies, down through history..also created by Islam. In those societies, other religions were welcomed and participated fully in the benefits of said societies.
Today, we are faced with the urgent need for the reconsideration of all the "teachings" of present day religions...including Christianity, Judaism, Islam...and most other of our world's religions. While all of these religions have some wonderful teachings, many of their teachings are also political in nature.. and are also superstitious in nature. It is simply "fear" that has allowed the "superstitions" and "political teachings" contained in these religions..to be propagated from one generation to the next, for many centuries now. The effect of this problem, is that we have constantly been engaged in wars between religious societies (and adverse philosophical societies..such as Communism etc..)for about 7000 years. Religion and blind-eyed philosophies are ultimately the almost sole cause of all of these wars that we have waged against one another.
In summary, until our present day religins scrutinize and revise their present day teachings...retaining the good teachings and removing the bad teachings...we will not be able to end this centuries old cycle of wars between we Human Beings.
Human Beings are very capable and intelligent inhabitants of our Planet Earth We have traveled to the Moon and are now exploring our known Universe. Also, we are all "One Peoples"...not separate peoples. Our future rests in our own hands and in the sometimes unpredictable fluctuatins of "Nature".
We have been most foolish..to have allowed ancient religious teachings and philosophies steeped in ignorance and superstition...to cause us to continue to kill one another over the past 7000 years. "Religion" comes naturally to Humanity..and provides great comfort for a multitude of Peoples..and will always be a part of Humanity. Religion must be based in truth...as well as faith...if it is to serve Humanity..and not contribute to the destruction of our World Civilization.
Thank you for your kind attention...and thank you for your Noble efforts, Kamal. Wa salaam, wa rematullah, wa barakatuhu.

Always, Nelson Horton

Recommended web site:


Posted September 10, 2011 by Nelson Horton

A story worth telling a thousand times. Most of our "Islamic" leaders are more liability than asset. We Muslims in general must come out of the nightmare of "Islamic State".

Best, Kamal.

Posted September 10, 2011 by Hasan Mahmud

Dear Kamal,
You and I first communicated about five years ago, when I phoned you at your office in Washington,D.C. Since that time, I have read your e-mail messages with interest. To my mind, you and your worthy organization consistently represent a voice of reason and good will.
This message, in particular, moves me deeply. I can only begin to imagine the anguish that you felt on September 11, 2001.
It is my earnest conviction that you should have the contents of this e-mail publicized in our U.S. media--be it "The New York Times" newspaper, "US Today", "Time Magazine" and CNN TV. It is a message that is both timely and necessary. Our fellow Americans need to be reminded that there are Muslims who are loyal Americans and who reject all terrorism; and who share deeply the anguish we all feel about 9/11. Your interpretation of the "Arab Spring" is also heartening.
I hope and pray that, in the near future, your aspiration to American public office will be achieved. We need you in our government.
With all good wishes and blessings, I remain among your supporters and friends,
Rabbi Dr. Chaim Joseph Wender

Posted September 10, 2011 by Rabbi Dr. Chaim Joseph Wender

i was up stairs at the computer mi aun who lived that time in manhaten she called so we watched cnn.

in a way of speaking i am maby in words
bomp these bastards bomp these asses
i had enough of jihad sharia law
can t mention israel sharia zone
can t walk with a cell phone

but this is voise of reason
with zuhudi jasser nonie darwish
i was on a bahrein car forum 2
1 was run by 2 brothers 2 members
1 brother e mail me i am your friend
i support suicide bomps
he is not mi friend.
maby zuhudi jasser nonie darwish or kamal and chapters might disagreements
those are mi friends mi brother sisters

9/11 is t about me not kamal or nonie
was about westeren nation.
first try israel and the u.s are buisy in europe.
hamas or taliban or hezbolah they destroy the few voise of reason in america.freemuslims and zuhudi would never put on a sharia law zone forbid to walk with a cell phone.
they as i am embrace the west.

sometimes i can t take it annymore

god bless usa

Posted September 10, 2011 by alberto gorin

“There is ample religious justification for arguing that Islam supports the separation of religion and state.”

Really? Is there ample religious justification for arguing that Islam supports the separation of religion and state?

Muhammad said "al Islamo deenun wal dawlah." Islam is religion and government. Muhammad himself was the head of the Islamic state. He came to power through warfare. Who do you want to fool Mr. Nawash? Pull your head out of the sands of denial and stop deceiving yourself and others. Islam is created to dominate the world. It cannot be separated from politics.

You cannot live with this lie. Well, you can. But you can’t make others believe in this lie. Islam is a state. As a Muslim you either pay your allegiance to Islam or to the country that you live, but not both.

Posted September 10, 2011 by Anonymous

Mohammad never said Islam is religion and State. Show me where he said that

Posted September 10, 2011 by Kamal Nawash


Are you willing to debate Islam with ex-muslim activist Ali Sina of faithfreedom.org

As an ex-muslim atheist I am absolutely convinced Muhammad the founder of Islam was a terrorist himself and his followers who emulate him become one too. If you have a bit of humanity or rationality in you, you too would leave this cult and join humanity.

Enough is enough. It is time to bury these silly religious fairytales in the history. The age of reason is dawning. Wont you join the hundreds of thousands of ex-Christians, ex-Muslims, ex-Jews, ex-Hindus who call themselves secular humanists?

All the best

Posted September 10, 2011 by Arshad

Thank you this is an excellent piece. Appreciate your sending it to me.

Posted September 10, 2011 by Reheel

I applaud your efforts. That said, until Muslims speak out against the demonization of Israel, I can't support your organization.

Posted September 10, 2011 by Shlomo

Mr. Kamal,
Check all the reports and documentations and the books that the French writer wrote
before making these assumptions that the Muslims did. It was more than that.

What ever happened to the two thousand Jews working at these towers daily.
What ever happened to all the Gold reserves which were emptied few days before this happened.
What about the 20 or so TV and camera crews who happened to be Jewish doing filming the event.

Zionist are 100 stronger in what they do.
Study these and other facts before you blame your fellow Muslims

Well, as it turned out, Muslims did perpetrate 9-11.

Posted September 10, 2011 by Akram

As a muslim American I am sick and tired of our so call leaders accepting anything the government tells them about 9-11. There's more to 9-11 than the American people been told. I've been studying American foreign policy for over 40 years. We have a violent and bloody history! An author by the name of Stephen Kinzer wrote a book recently; America's century of regime change; from Hawaii to Iraq. William Blum a former U.S. Diplomat. Mr. Blum got so disgusted with the things we were doing around the world he resigned and left politics. He's now an author. Why don't you contact him? I deplore violence. No matter who's doing it. I prefer to be diplomatic. In the 20th century we had a history of invasions, economic sanctions etc. that cause the suffering and deaths of millions of people! Who's the real extremists? Rashaad

Posted September 10, 2011 by Rasheed

Dear Mr. Kamal Nawash: Greeting

It seems you are overwhelmingly interested in pleasing and appeasing the Jewish-controlled American political establishment more than you are in pursuing the truth and serving the Muslim community.

We are Muslims and we are proud of our religion, yes we reject al-Qaeda, but we are not willing to malign Islamic movements, or indeed Islam itself, either brazenly or implicitly, in order to find acceptance in America or elsewhere. We condemn terror in the strongest terms, but we will defend our rights and honor and religion with all means at our disposal.

We don't need to apologize to America anymore for a regrettable incident that happened 10 years ago. We have already apologized ad nauseam and we don't need to apologize again and agin and again. That would cheapen us in their eyes and be injurious to our dignity.

It is America's turn now to apologize to Muslims for murdering hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine where Muslim children are incinerated with White Phosphorus and their homes are destroyed by one-ton bombs provided by the U.S. and their land is stolen from them thanks to the pornographic American embrace of Jewish Nazism. Why are you silent about this? Are Muslim children in Palestine and Iraq and Pakistan and Afghanistan children of a lesser God?

America is the author of every Muslim tragedy from Pakistan to Palestine. America is the tormentor of Muslims everywhere. America is the main purveyor of terror and violence and oppression throughout the Muslim world. America is the backer, sustainer, bankroller and abettor and guarantor of tyrannies and despotic regimes all over the Muslim world.

Your lumping of the Muslim Brotherhood and Binladen is pathetic. It is the product of ignorance, maliciousness and dishonesty. The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemned 9/11 but wouldn't grovel before US feet as you are apparently doing. The Muslim Brotherhood (I am not and have never been a member of this honorable organization) will not just keep silent and look the other way when Judeo-Nazi war criminals in Israel murder our children on their way to school or murder them while asleep in their homes at night? Terror is terror even if committed by Jews. A genocide or an attempted genocide doesn't become innocuous or benign if committed by a "Chosen people" or a "master race." Can you bring youself to uttering these words?

Yes, you are endearing youselves to the Americans and their Zionist master, Israel, in a brazenly disgracefu and indignified manner, You desperatedly seek a certificate of good conduct from the Americans and the Israelis and you think the way to receive one is by vilifying Islam and Muslim organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Well the Muslim Brotherhood, in case you don't know, is the leader of the Arab spring. It is the main opposition party everwhere in the Arab world. In Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, and even Syria it is the main political force. We are Muslims and we reject godless secularism

You have written so much, apologizing to the Americans for 9/11. But you have never protested the numerous 9/11s America has been waging against Muslims. You never protested the mass murder of millions of Muslims at the hands of the American empire?

This is why you don't represent Muslims in any genuine way. Yours is a voice of a small cowardly group of assimilationists and desperados who would even apologize for merely being Muslim, however nonminal the epithet may be.

With such weakness of character, cowardice, ignorance, lack of rectitude, you will lose your world, lose whatever respect the Americans might still have for you and the line of thinking you represent, and above all, you will lose your hereafter.

Allah will not honor those who don't honor themselves.

Khalid Amayreh
Journalist and political commentator
Israeli-occupied Jerusalem

Posted September 10, 2011 by Khalid Amayreh

A beautiful message, Kamal. We should get together some time!

Posted September 10, 2011 by Michael

Mr. Amayreh:
You call yourself a "journalist" but what you are is a propagandist and not even a particularly good one.
Lets talk about "truth". What makes humans superior to other animals in the world? It is certainly NOT our ethics. We are one of three species who kills for other then need. (The other two do not kill their own species.) Our superiority arises from our ability to data-base and share our data across platforms and generations. Unless of course we falsify our data, which humans are all too expert at doing. In that case, who is superior, the dishonest human with corrupt data or the animal, with no data to corrupt?
"Israeli-occupied Jerusalem"
The following linked video explains the true nature of the territorial sovereignty of Jerusalem:
In 1907, when the worldwide sales of autos jumped 15x from 5,000 to 75,000. The ME gold rush commenced. Sitting on that gold were several Arab tribes. Not wishing to be on the outside looking in, the French and British entered a World War to redistribu­te the oil wealth in favor of those Arab potentates who were in compliance with the political and economic goals of the Allies. But something was going wrong, the Allies were losing. So they asked the USA to join. However, the USA was already committed to neutrality (we had our own oil), Lord Rothschild saw the opportunit­y to get something out of this situation. So he used his financial influence to leverage a deal whereby the USA would join Brittan and France in return for a guarantee that the Jews would have Palestine as their share of the victory spoils. Like many deals where Jews are owed a share, they never got it. But Hitler was MIGHTY upset and correctly noted that the Jews had responsibi­lity for Germany's loss in WW1. So he murdered 5.6-millio­n of us out of payback and to appease the Arabs, who were his allies in WW2 (less Jordan). Of course, the Arabs would have been Hitler's next victims but the reason why the USA SHOULD support Israel is because if they were to go, the "West" would be next.” Maybe not slaughtered en-masse but brought to its knees through energy extortion.
"apologize to Muslims for murdering hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine"
It may have been a mistake for the USA to invade Iraq but make no mistake, the vast majority of violence in Iraq has been Muslim on Muslim.
Probably the most glaring and profound defect with your overall position is assuming that "Palestine" is so important as to be the cause of a Jewish conspiracy which overwhelms en entire super-power nation, the USA. If the Jews were so powerful as to nefariously control the US government, wouldn't the payout be MUCH larger?
After WW2, all the Nazi allied governments in the world were dissolved and their leaders disempowered. Hitler ended up a pile of burnt flesh and Mussolini was hung in the street. 800 Japanese military were executed on two So. Pacific islands alone, for war crimes. What became of the Arab Axis governments and leaders? Business continued as usual and Anwar Sadat wrote open letters in the Egypt press praising Hitler and welcoming his return (or at least the return of the Third Reich).
""My Dear Hitler, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Even if you appear to have been defeated, in reality you are the victor. You succeeded in creating dissentions between Churchill, the old man, and his allies, the Sons of Satan. ... There will be no peace unless Germany becomes again what she was. The West as well as the East ... will invest a great deal of money ... which is of great benefit to Germany. So much for the present and the future. As for the past, I think you made some mistakes ... But your trust in your country and people will atone for those blunders. You may be proud of having become the immortal leader of Germany. We will not be surprised if you appear again in Germany or if a new Hitler rises up in your wake." -- Letter of Anwar Sadat to Adolf Hitler, September 18, 1953, in answer to the question "If you wished to send Hitler a personal letter, what would you write to him?" published in "Al Musawwar", No. 1510."
Allowing the defeated Arab Nazi-allied governments to continue unabated was the big mistake which has led to this situation. This same mistake was repeated again and again when, every time Israel's Arab neighbors attempted to actually finalize the "final solution" the United Nations turned a blind eye--until such time as it appeared that the IDF was advancing towards their attacker's capitols, at which moment the UN engaged a cease fire. Status quo. History reset to repeat itself.
What occurred in Gaza recently was a horror and a tragedy. But it was brought on, if not actively encouraged by their government, the Hamas who imposed a situation on Israel that no modern well armed democracy would tolerate. This is a VERY simple fact and anyone who denies it is not working within the four walls of reality. Try shooting 8,000 rockets at China and see what happens. Do you think that (outspoken) Turkey would tolerate the Kurds firing 8,000 rockets at their civilians? Most nations would not have waited two years but barely two weeks to retaliate. Some would have only required two days and the retaliation might have been far greater.
When it come to the truth, size doesn't matter and the fact that you may have hundreds of millions of Muslims who agree with you is more the pity, as you are all wrong.
"Allah will not honor those who don't honor themselves"
God is truth. You do not honor God with your compendium of fiction.

Posted September 11, 2011 by Trollstein

I remember finding your Free Muslims website back in 2003. After 9/11, I had been looking hopelessly for a Muslim perspective that showed some degree of outrage for the violent act perpetrated by Islamic radicals. I was losing hope ... there were no Muslims anywhere standing up and saying "This Was Wrong."
I waited and waited, as did all Americans. Americans were angry and were frightened, and it went against our grain to direct that anger and fear toward the Muslim guy we work with, or the Muslim family down the block, etc. But how could we not feel some degree of suspicion when all we heard from the Muslim community was virtual silence? When I found the Free Muslim website and began receiving your emails at that time, I felt hope for the first time. Still though, after all these years, voices such as yours are few and far between. I blame also the media which for some reason doesn't seem to want to seek out people like you. Perhaps they feel that offering a platform to Muslims that speak out against other Muslims is not politically correct. Instead of seeing the endless images of our beautiful World Trade Centers coming down, the media should spend time interviewing people like you. It would help people like me understand that there IS a positive, hopeful message to be found in the Muslim community - and, of equal importance, it would help to heal the wounds that must be healed in order for us all to move forward. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Posted September 11, 2011 by Marialina


Thank you very much

Posted September 11, 2011 by Kamal

There are many problems with a one-state solution. First of all, it would eliminate the autonomous haven for Jews from persecution and defense against it. Secondly, a single state in which Jews would be dependent on the kindness of non-Jews, especially I am sorry to say Muslims, gives absolutely no security at all to the Jews resident in it, even if they accepted abandoning the Israeli welcome extended to Jews escaping persecution elsewhere. Just a quick look at the Christians of Lebanon or of Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia and elsewhere shows that this problem in regard to actual Muslim treatment of non-Muslims is not limited to Jews. It is not even limited to non-Muslims: sectarian and other warfare and feuding is endemic throughout the Muslim world, with more Muslims dying at each other's hands than from anything non-Muslims do. They are incapable of offering genuine security to others. Even more pointedly, Israelis would be suicidal to accept the idea of a single state with Palestinians who have been raised from infancy to justify hate and violence against Jews, and who believe that Israel maliciously and illegally "stole" their homes and their land. A "right of return" for Palestinians would produce a genocidal bloodbath as they sought to "reclaim" their homes from present Jewish residents. Arafat always disowned responsibility for the terrorism he unleashed by saying he could not control his people; how could a much enfeebled but still hateful PLO and a fanatically ferocious Hamas leadership "control" the people if a "Right of Return" were implemented and a single state created?

These are not minor problems with your thesis. They are deal-breakers. I am sure that as you are a decent and well-meaning individual, you will see the force of the points being made here. I hope that you will grasp that to push a one-state solution is not rational nor is it ethical. In any case, there is no chance of Israelis accepting national suicide in the way you recommend. That, surely, is an insurmountable obstacle. So I would, with all due respect, suggest that you give up your theory and develop a different scheme that accepts a Jewish state and a two-state solution. The basic change of attitude must come from the Palestinians, and the Muslim world more widely, as even some of the Muslim posters here demonstrate.

Posted September 11, 2011 by Ben Tzur

Dear Kamal,

This is an amazing and very powerful article. As a non-Muslim, I am a strong supporter of your mission and the mission of your organization. And stirring up hatred of people based solely on the fact they are Muslims is wrong. Being an African American, I know how it is to be targeted for the crimes of others and this is completely unfair and ridiculous.

While I recognize the inherent injustice in pinning the crimes of one member of the group on the entire group, I have to say that frankly, I am deeply disappointed in the Muslim community in America and around the world. While I support groups such as your organization, the Free Muslims Coalition, American Islamic Forum for Democracy, the Islamic Supreme Council of America and several other like minded organizations which do wonderful things, I don't see the critical mass of Muslims supporting these groups.

I look around the world, I see Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza strip, declaring that they will exterminate every last Jew. I see numerous terrorist organizations around the Arab world committing terrorists acts against their Christian minorities, while the governments take, in most cases either ineffective action to protect these people or simply do nothing. Outside of the Middle East, I see Islamic terrorists in Thailand fighting Buddhists for no other reason than they have a different religion. Muslims supported by Pakistan are trying to steal Kashmir which is Hindu land owned by India. Then when we look at Sudan, we have Africans still being enslaved and oppressed at the hands of Arab Muslims. I see the entire Arab League stepping forward, saying that they support this. I see, in Arab Muslim countries, some of the most oppressive countries towards my fellow Africans because of the deep institutional racism and hatred towards my people among the governments and many of the people in these countries. The only word for it is apartheid. The Arab world, while crying crocodile tears for the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of Jews, while at the same time practicing discrimination against Palestinians living in their own countries, far worse discrimination than Israel has ever done. One example of this is the Kuwaiti expulsion of Palestinians in 1991. Another example is the treatment of Palestinians by Lebanon.

And I see, in the face of all these injustices, besides a handful of courageous organizations, almost complete silence. Yet when we see a handful of Turkish jihadists die at the hand of some Jews defending their borders, almost complete and uniform anger coming from all areas of the Islamic world, from the streets of Dearborn, Michigan, to the offices of every major Islamic organizations in North America to every city and country with a large Islamic majority. We see huge protests when someone prints a cartoon making fun of Prophet Muhammad. Is this offensive? Yes, of course. But why the huge protests against a cartoon and yet no protests in the face of deaths of countless Muslims and non-Muslims at the hands of Islamic extremists? How about protesting terrorist Islamic groups if for no other reason than the vast majority of their victims are other Muslims? This lack of moral outrage I see as the main reason behind "Islamophobia."


Posted September 12, 2011 by adam

Thank you for all the hard work and thought you put in your column. I read them but do not comment. I am amazed of how much anger and hate your column generates. When I read your column I feel elated that intelligent thought and factual info is used not proporaganda and rants. We all have to make our society a better place with intelligent dialogue. How unfortunate for Virginia and the country that you did not have a opportunity to represent us.

Posted September 12, 2011 by Kerime

Thank you so much for this article! And this website is actually more logical than many others I've seen that denounce all Muslims and Jews.

Posted September 12, 2011 by Joyce M

While America has made major progress in racial harmony, there is still a long roadto reach the destination when all people are judged on the content of their character and neither on the color of their skin or their faith.

Posted February 20, 2012 by mspy review

That was a terrible terrorist attack. I think the only thing we can do now is to be more tolerant to each other, for this to nothing like that could ever happen again.

Posted November 27, 2012 by Beethoven

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