June 13, 2016
Free Muslims Coalition


Initial reports suggest that the mass murderer in Orlando, Florida was bi-polar, deranged, a heavy steroid user, a wife beater, cheater and emotionally unstable. He hated blacks and gays and often referred to homosexuals as "faggots and queers." He also happened to be Muslim. The terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the death of 50 innocent Americans.

More likely than not, ISIS had nothing to do with the mass killings in Orlando but claimed responsibility to enhance their credibility by portraying their global reach. More likely than not, Omar Mateen acted alone and his actions were similar to the actions of all other deranged killers who kill a large number of Americans every year or two. If his actions are similar to the actions of other mass killers in America, it would be disingenuous and hypocritical to focus on his Muslim faith since Americans usually do not focus on the faith of other mass killers in the United States.

The real danger of this recent mass murder is that it may have exposed to foreign terrorists the ease with which one can kill numerous people in the United States. Thus, the United States needs to act. Whether ISIS had anything to do with the Orlando killings or not, they should be punished since they claimed responsibility and because they need to be stopped before their barbaric and extremely violent ideology spreads to other countries. We need to show ISIS and other potential foreign killers, who have thoughts of attacking the United States, that we will not tolerate any attack on American soil. Those Americans who are considered "faggots and queers" are still Americans and we need to fight to preserve their right to live in peace and without violence.

ISIS is a very dangerous group that arose out of the ashes of the immoral Iraq war. The lesson that America should take from the Iraq war is that we should only attack those who attack us and no one else. We cannot make the same terrible mistake that was made by George Bush, who attacked and destroyed Iraq for the crimes of Al-Qaida and Afghanistan which hosted Al-Qaida. We also cannot make the mistake of Barak Obama who attacked foreign governments like Libya and who took sides in civil wars such as Syria by supporting terrorist groups trying to overthrow the Syrian government. Overthrowing governments will lead to dangerous anarchy in most instances. Change in foreign governments must be organic and natural for it to work without the interference or the United States of other countries.

At this point, the United States needs to send a clear message that if you attack America we will obliterate you. ISIS claimed responsibility for attacking America and America needs to obliterate ISIS.

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