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Free Muslims to Lead Delegation of Israeli Jews to Gaza

Free Muslims to Lead Delegation of Israeli Jews to Gaza

For the first time in recent history a delegation of Palestinian Christians and Muslims traveled to a Jewish settlement in the West Bank to request that they be given equality and to invite Jews on a path to a shared future. On December 26, 2011 a bus load of Palestinians boarded a bus and did the unimaginable by traveling to the Ariel Jewish Settlement which is considered illegal by much of the world. The Palestinians were following in the footsteps of Martin Luther King by traveling in peace to demand equal rights for Palestinians and the removal of the segregation wall that divides both communities. See

For our next event, we will take a delegation of Jews and go to Gaza to seek an end to the conflict and the acceptance if Israelis as partners and countrymen.

Our goal is to reach a detailed plan that can be acceptable to Israelis and Palestinians. We call our method The Best Plans approach where we give Israelis and Palestinians an opportunity to submit their peace plans to a representative audience of Palestinians and Jews.

In addition to working on the Best Plans Approach, the Free Muslims Coalition is proposing a plan based on the American civil rights movement where Palestinian Christians and Muslims are treated equal to Jews in Israel/Palestine.

The approach of the Free Muslims is to work with all segments of Israeli society and in particular right wing Jewish settlers in the West Bank. After spending more than one month in Israel/Palestine, it has become clear that Israelis do not support a two state solution that can be acceptable to Palestinians. It is also clear that Israelis and Palestinians have religious and historical attachments to all of Israel/Palestine. This fact can no longer be ignored and this is why the Free Muslims Coalition traveled to a right wing Jewish Settlement to demand equality for Palestinians and will travel to Gaza to demand an end to the conflict and the acceptance of Israelis as partners and countrymen.

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Posted December 31, 2011 by Kamal Nawash