Economic Development

The Free Muslims Coalition supports all efforts to improve the economic standing of Muslims all over the world as a means to end terrorism.

The economics of Islam are compatible with market economy. Islam’s first lady, Khadija who was the wife of the Prophet Mohammad, was a renowned businesswoman and trader. The Coalition wants to integrate the community as a whole into the global market in order to improve people’s standard of living and reduce the number of people who sympathize with extremism and terrorism because of their inability to gain a minimum level of prosperity.

With a soaring unemployment rate and a large population of underage citizens, much of the Arab and Muslim world is starring down an economic crisis. Poverty is a breeding ground for terrorism. In the Coalition’s efforts to eliminate terrorism, we seek to engage the region’s youth in economic development opportunities, fostering hope for a better future and closing their minds to terrorism and Islamic extremism.

Equal access to economic opportunities for all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, marital status or religion is a democratic value that should be nurtured in the Muslim world as well as in Muslim communities in the West. The Coalition integrates the value of economic equality into our message in order to stop terrorism by destroying its base of support.

The Coalition supports the Administration’s efforts to eliminate the financial means of terrorism. The Coalition joins the Administration’s efforts by promoting economic development in the Muslim world and destroying the audience of terrorists by involving Muslim populations in the region’s march towards modernity.