Don't Blame the Jews or Palestinians

Another disturbing trend that is propagated by extremists and accepted by many naive Jews and Muslims is the blaming of all Muslim problems on Israel and Jews and all Jewish problems on Palestinians or Muslims. There are numerous examples for this but most recently Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Blamed the Holocaust on Palestinians and some Muslims continue to blame the 911 terrorist attacks on a Jewish conspiracy designed to demonize Arabs and Muslims in the eyes of the world.

Another counterproductive trend by Israelis and Palestinians is to deny the other's attachment to the land known as Israel-Palestine. Many Jews and Israelis now argue that the land of Palestine was empty when Jews arrived to establish Israel. They argue that the people known as the Palestinians are not Palestinians at all but Arabs from surrounding countries who migrated to Palestine in search of work.

Similarly, many Palestinians now argue that Jews do not have real attachments to Israel-Palestine because most of the Jews who established Israel were a people called the Khazars- a Turkic people who occupied a large part of southern Russia from the 6th to the 11th centuries and who converted to Judaism in the 8th century.

Both of the above arguments have been disproved numerous times but the arguments continue to be made. Jews and Palestinians will never find peace until they recognize each other as natives to the land of Palestine-Israel.

Unfortunately, extremists and saboteurs will continue to use the above arguments and to demonize each other in the hope of increasing global support for their respective causes.

The Coalition strongly urges the supporters of Israelis and Palestinians to refrain from demonizing each other and instead focus on how Jews and Palestinians can share the land of Israel-Palestine as equals.