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Arab Country Appoints Jewish woman as US Ambassador

The conservative Arab Kingdom of Bahrain has appointed an Arab Jewish woman as its ambassador to the United States.

This is a remarkable example of traditional Arab tolerance and a sign that hostile relations between Jews and Arabs are beginning to subside. Throughout the last 1400 years Jews have had better relations with Muslims and Arabs than any other part of the world where Jews lived. Relations between Jews, Arabs and Muslims deteriorated in 1948 with the creation of Israel and the resulting Palestinian refugee crises.

Her Highness, Ambassador Huda Nunu, is a member of a small Arab Jewish community that numbers only 37 people. What makes this appointment even more remarkable is that the appointment was made by a conservative Muslim Arab state in the most conservative Muslims region of the world.

The Free Muslim Coalition congratulates the Arab Kingdom of Bahrain for its farsightedness and for its commitment to religious freedom and civil liberty.

Posted July 16, 2008 by Kamal Nawash