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Why Barack Won?

Warren Buffet recently said "I would rather be lucky than smart." As far as luck goes, Obama has been on the receiving end of unprecedented luck while McCain has been on the receiving end of the kind of luck that would make a grown man cry. I mean... when the economy reaches crisis mode within a few weeks of the presidential election and you (McCain) are aligned with the incumbent party... lady luck ain't smiling attchya.

However, the Obama phenomenon can't be explained with luck alone. Obama was doing well before news of the economic crisis--when the economy was just facing a slow down, lower home values and some foreclosures. When Bill Clinton won the presidency, he said "it's the economy stupid." In the case of Obama, "it is the economy and Iraq---stupid."

Recall that Obama gained credibility by opposing a war that turned into the most expensive military adventure in America history. It is no secret that most of the international community, including most of our allies, considered the Iraq war "unjustified." Unfortunately for McCain, as the war dragged on, more Americans became convinced that America entered the war under false pretenses and Americans began punishing republicans because of their unconditional support for the war.

Even more disastrous for Republicans is that until today Republican leaders, including McCain, have not conceded that the war was wrong and even more important is that McCain has not reassured Americans that the flawed thinking that led to the Iraq war would never happen again. Instead, McCain focused on the surge and the fact that his vision may have led to a more acceptable situation in Iraq. Without a doubt, thanks to McCain, the surge was a success but this did not impress Americans because Obama reminded them that the issue is not the surge, it is judgment and he had the judgment to oppose the war from the beginning. This is a powerful argument that McCain has not been able to answer to the satisfaction of most Americans.

Certainly, it would be difficult for McCain to admit that his support for the war was wrong. Fine... but then he needs to convince Americans that the thinking that led to the Iraq war would never happen under his presidency. He needs to further convince Americans that he believes in diplomacy above all else and not say anything that would even imply that he has aggressive intentions against any nation. It would be impossible for McCain to disassociate himself from President Bush unless he convinces Americans that he has no hostile intentions against any nation and that his focus is to strengthen America by growing the economy and saving people's jobs, homes and livelihood.

Without a doubt McCain's advisors would argue against such a change in McCain's rhetoric. However, it is not unheard of to change one's view on a major issue. Obama changed his view about drilling for oil when it became apparent that most Americans wanted drilling. McCain needs to also listen to the wishes of the majority of Americans, as he correctly did on the immigration issue, and understand that Americans question his judgment because of his strong support for invading Iraq. McCain needs to understand that Americans are angry about the war and apprehensive about their economic security. McCain's need to change people's perception of him has become even more urgent because an increasing number of Americans now believe that the current economic crisis is in part due to the cost of the Iraq war. It does not matter that this belief may be wrong because perception is reality.

It should be noted that I am not arguing that Iraq is a total failure. In fact, I believe that Iraq will bounce back and actually become a success story within a short period of time. Iraq has the people and resources to reinvent itself once security is established and all indicators are pointing to a success story in Iraq. The problem is that most Americans no longer care. All they know is that the Iraq war was wrong and that McCain was one of the main backers of the war. This is McCain's challenge.

Posted October 21, 2008 by Kamal Nawash



I think McCain is trying to do what you suggesting. The problem is so much is going wrong for him. Don't forget he needs the support of the neocons whowant him to hae an aggressive foreign policy

Posted October 22, 2008 by Anonymous

Dear Mr. Nawash,

Barack is winning, in part, because he is SMART (not just 'lucky'). He is well schooled, intellectually more subtle, and capable of a greater sweep of imagination than McCain, among other things. McCain showed disastrous judgement in choosing a provincial, lightweight, completely unqualified running mate (Palin) who is an insult to intelligent women (and frankly liberal Jews and Muslims) everywhere. This, as much as the Iraq war is why he is losing.

You might want to consider changing parties--since you seem like an intelligent man as well.


Posted October 22, 2008 by Margaret

Kamal, Wonderful article. Are you still a Republican?

I'll call you today.

Posted October 22, 2008 by Anna





Posted October 22, 2008 by Hummar

Kamal, It's not that half of us didn't support the war, it's that it was executed as though we were taking over a day care center. We wasted our resources, the most important were the lives of our young men, trying to preserve the lives of what still appear to be an ungrateful lot. It should have been a smack down, over in months or a year at most. Coddling street thugs is similar to those in MS-13 that we've let our cities. All the while McCain and his sidekick Graham talked the high ground with 'no torture' positions. My 50% felt that once we chose our battle, we had to fight it full force, and we didn't. Obama's a wolf in sheep's clothing who has spent most of his early time on college campuses appealing to the ignorant and inexperienced aka students, primed by campaign officials aka professors, all in the bag for Obama. Seen it with my own eyes.

Posted October 22, 2008 by Mary

It is easy to say that perception that Iraq was a mistake should drive opinion. But was it a mistake? I don't think so. I would not want to say that to the families of thousands who were killed under Saddam's regime. I agree that mistakes were made in the conduct of the long and arduous task of stabilizing Iraq, but I think it was a justified regime change at the outset. In response to a reporter at the RNC in 2004 in New York, I responded that we needed to go wherever the Global War on Terror took us. It was a matter of where the resources were best used, and quite frankly, I could argue that we should have gone into Iran and deposed Ahmedinajad and his cronies as a greater threat than Saddam. And we need to have all options on the table about Iran. Yes, we also need to win in Afghanistan. I don't want to permanently occupy another country, but we need to stick to the goal of having a stable and democratic Iraq which will be an ally in the war on terror, and only then will we able to defeat global jihad, when we have help from the leadership of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other contries.

Posted October 22, 2008 by James Scarborough

Posted October 22, 2008 by Safiuddin

How quickly we forget. Saddam was so fearful of containing Iran that he fabricated an elaborate web of lies concerning WMD. It was so convincing that our intelligence people (and other nations' intelligence people) believed it to be true. Bush believed it and decided to act. That is where it began.

Once the war was engaged, the ambivalence among the left in America started to undermine the effort in an increasing volume until they have convinced themselves and many others that "Bush lied." The lie is the one they are telling themselves.

Obama is not as evil as he is being portrayed by some but he is not the epitome of balance either. He is ultra-left wing, he is deceptive about his past, he has virtually no experience for the office he seeks and his henchmen are being investigated for introducing fraud into the election.

I don't know who will win, but this is the dirtiest, most divisive campaign in my lifetime and I can't wait for it to be done. I believe that historians will show that Bush did what a reasonable man would do with the intelligence of that time. It was understood as a genuine threat and defense was the main point.

Posted October 22, 2008 by Bill

Not only was this war wrong and totally misguided but the Economic Agenda of this current president was totally misguided also. Huge tax cuts for wealthiest Americans during a time of war has exploded deficits and doubled our national debt in 8 years.

McCain promises just more of the same failed economic policies. Not to mention his less than stellar health care plan.

And "Bomb bomb bomb Iran" McCain's comments were no joking matter for International community. His advisers have similar mindset as necons who pushed Bush into Iraq.
Like Colin Powell said in his endorsement "so what if he was a Muslim?" It shouldn't matter his race or religion but the policies he pushes... no surprise to me that vast majority of Muslims and other non-Christians will likely vote for him

Posted October 22, 2008 by mike

Obama has my vote, He is fresh, serious, family man with good heart, good vision, and his intention is focused on improving quality of life in America, education, health care, and stability. America needs to focus on stability, Money needs to be redirected back into this country. Pride, has cost this country enough and it is suffering as a whole.I personally would rather see funds go into establishing better security in the homeland. In addition, Our education system failing with more and more cut backs,education should be a priority as our children the future. This tune is sung each year, and each year it seems I see more kids on the streets,more security/police in the schools, and less activities,sports,eductional material. I feel Obama is more focused on issues as a whole, how they affect the future of Americans without letting self pride blind him, or puff him all up. When I watch McCain, I see alot of self arrogance,pride. When I watch Obama, I see him reaching out, speaking out to the American people,from inside with honest concern,care.

Posted October 22, 2008 by F. T

There is another consideration about the invasion of Iraq. The centuries old misunderstanding between Islam and other Peoples of Faith. Islam is treated as 19 Jihadis killing only innocent people: "and they are all the same" by many who do not understand reconciliation. If, from Iraq and all its woes and misunderstandings, a new dialog can be undertaken, the world may yet find accommodation and peace. It will not be an easy. Your activities are appreciated by many people. Please continue!

Posted October 22, 2008 by Bryant Hopkins

If I am not mistaken (and, unless there is a different Kenyan dialect meaning), the root of "Barack," as also "Mubarak," means "bless" in Arabic. (Mubarak = blessed). I am happy that the right-wing radicals have not seized on that, and have only perpetuated the Hussein screed. Barack Allahu fik! --Steve

Posted October 22, 2008 by SteveG

That's great! You are doing great work in general--time to join the Democrats! :-) All good wishes,

Posted October 22, 2008 by Margaret

Posted October 22, 2008 by Eric Pearson

Hello Kamal,

I am a bit shocked by your article, let me explain why:

- you are exposing here what McCain needs to do. You are actually spending time and energy to advise an imbecil and a party of imbecils whose ideology makes me puke everytime I hear or read about it. I cannot understand why you would want to send them advices that may shorten the small gap that separates them from a winning Obama. In your article you talk very little about Obama and why he's winning, instead, you are exposing why McCain is losing and what he should do to win. This is unacceptable, as we don't give a &*&? about what this danger to humanity should do to win. George W. Bush is a criminal and has hurt this nation more than any other president in the history of the USA, and McCain is identical to Bush. These people should be denounced for their discusting ideology, or lack thereof, and for the brainwashing of the United States population. The world doesn't need bullies deprived of an IQ like McCain and Bush, or people like Bush who are aligned with the big corporations and whose only interest is to fill their own pockets and their friends'. Your article is way too kind and it's shocking.

- "It should be noted that I am not arguing that Iraq is a total failure" --> this comment made me fall off my chair. The British Newspaper Lancet states that more than 700,000 civilians died because of the american-led invasion of their country. The UN reports that 5,000 kids were dying EACH MONTH during the 10-year embargo led, again, by the Americans. The Americans have built more than 14 impenetrable fortresses in that country and they couldn't care less about the fate of this nation - all they care about is the oil. The amount of orphins, injured, paraplegic kids, raped women, entire urban areas totally destroyed, and the list goes on - is incalculable. Many people have gone back to using tools of the pre-industrial era. The nation is destroyed, because its youth was annihilated, and it will probaly *NEVER* get back up on its feet, as the US made sure of this with their most potent experts in the matter of "country dislocation". Iraq was one of the strongest nations in the Middle East and that's partly why it was annihilated in such a barbarian way: it had economic strenght, a very high level of education (it had the most Ph.D's in all of the Middle East), it had resources and it had a very young workforce. All of these elements are have vanished because the Americans made sure to destroy every single one of them, except the oil which it stole from the country. And you call this "not a total failure"? Are you writing this article with a gun pointed at your head by a FoxNews goon?

I think that the one and only goal of your newsletter is to give the impressions to the Americans that not all muslims are radicals. While this is true and while it's understandable, I think that your judgment is very biased by that objective and that you are making terribly erroneous comments.

I am not muslim myself. I don't give a damn about religion. Religion is an insult to the intelligence of human beings and it has created the most horrible atrocities in the history of humanity, all in the name of a non-existent God, or, if he exists, a God who doesn't give a damn about us or our destinies. That said, I am of palestinian/coptic/lebanese descent and I'm very much interested in what affects the population of these areas. And I find your newsletter lacking substance and flavour. Most of the articles I read are mild to the point of having no impact on anything other than serving the objective I stated above. Another objective is maybe to collect emails from muslims accross the world, which could always be useful when waging a war with or against them...


Posted October 22, 2008 by Alain

Posted October 22, 2008 by lee

Kamal, good to hear from you. An incisive commentary that I do not disagree with. Obama has clearly defined and tagged McCain as Bush's Siamese twin - 4 more years of the last 8 years.

The country is simply tired of Republicans and their drunken ways of limitless spending; unparalleled pork-barrel projects; corruption and deregulation of financial institutions gone amuck. Of course the economic turmoil is center stage.

You know McCain is on thin ice when all he relies on is Ayers, the Iraq surge, tax cuts and Palin's personality.

Personally, I would like Obama to win handsomely so that he will have a real mandate, not the false mandate that Bush claimed. If Congress goes to a super Democratic majority in the Senate that would naturally help him push in a new, more just, social and fiscal direction.

Posted October 22, 2008 by Tariq

I just realized that you are a Republican after re-reading your article more in detail.

A muslim Republican, that is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
How can you vote against your interests to such an extent is beyond me.
The Republicans have waged an all-out war against Muslims and yet, you vote for them.

Oh well, some mysteries are better left unquestioned.

Posted October 22, 2008 by AA


you are such a loser. Mr. Nawash does more for Arbs and Muslims than all the homos like you.

Posted October 22, 2008 by Sami

I enjoyed your article, as an insightful analysis of the presidential campaign. I agree with most of what you have written, but one passage raises serious questions. You write that:: "It should be noted that I am not arguing that Iraq is a total failure. In fact, I believe that Iraq will bounce back and actually become a success story within a short period of time. Iraq has the people and resources to reinvent itself once security is established and all indicators are pointing to a success story in Iraq." I don't think I'm expert on the subject of the Iraq, the war or the divisions within Islam, but I have paid attention, read a number of books and tried to understand both what went right, very little in my view other than the fast overthrow of Saddam, and what went wrong, virtually everything else and most of it due to the stupidity and ineptitude of my government. What I see in Iraq is the continuation of a centuries old struggle between Sunni and Shia Muslims, compounded by a tribalism or localism, to use a less judgmental term, where identity as an Iraqi is of far less importance than one's religious or local affiliation. This kind of a situation is not totally foreign to Americans, our Civil War, one of the bloodiest struggles in all of history, involved primary identification with region and state as opposed to nation. Indeed the leader of the Confederate army, Robert E. Lee, left the American army and joined the Confederacy because he a saw himself as a Virginian first and as an American second.

If you have the time are willing to do so, please explain to me in concrete terms what leads you to believe that Iraq "will bounce back and actually become a success story within a short period of time" and what leads you to conclude that the Iraqis have the resources to reinvent themselves. Frankly, what I see is an ancient conflict and no reason to think that it's about to end. To me the Iraqis in charge have made almost no progress in resolving their political arrangements and the tribalism that seems to be at the heart of the conflict seems entrenched in every way.

Thank you for whatever time you can give to a reply.

Posted October 22, 2008 by David

Dear Kamal:

I had in the past criticized you with harsh words for recommending the US to continue supporting General Musharraf, one of the many dictators our government has propped-up and supported. (See: Cheering for the Bully to Save the Victim! )

But, today, I agree with the direction of your thinking on the current presidential race. I will vote for Obama not because I agree with all his political positions, but because of the manifold disasters brought upon Americans and the world by the coalition of Neocons; Oil, Weapon companies and Arms dealers; and the warmongering Evangelists.

Edip Yuksel

Posted October 22, 2008 by Edip Yuksel

Posted October 22, 2008 by Henry Bowman

It seems to be all about the economy. When the US went off the Gold standard, every time there was an excessive inflation or recession, the people picked a candidate from the other party.

BTW, Mr. Nawash, I was reading some other articles from 2006 and you mentioned Muslims getting mad because Al-Queda is killing muslims as well. Seems to me that the Muslim world only starts criticizing when muslims are killed or threatened. That too when ISLAM is threatened.
What is the Muslim world doing to punish the men and the families that do 'honor-killing', stoning for alleged adultry, etc.

I believe you have issues within Islam that are far graver than issues dealt by the US Govt.

Posted October 22, 2008 by Ladyluc

Dear Mr. Nawash,

What is the muslim world doing to give back land taken by Muslims in recent History.
Muslims constantly cry about the 'occupation' in Palestine when every country that is so-called 'islamic' is an occupied country ---- especially PAKISTAN !!!!
Muslim invaders drove out and killed off anyone not conforming to Islam in most countries they OCCUPIED.

This Karma is not at all good.... what goes around comes around !!!

Posted October 22, 2008 by Ladyluc

Marhaba Kamal, good article...good points.,

Posted October 23, 2008 by Jamil

Trollstein hit the nail on the head

Posted October 23, 2008 by Burak

It ain't over till the fat lady sings--Just like the NYT headlines declared in big bold letters "Dewey Beat Truman." Remember? Or were you not around then? Spending 5 times more than McCain does not give BO a 5 point lead. How come? Why is BO running scared? Rationalizations, polemics will end November 4th.


Posted October 23, 2008 by Martin

First I would suggest that someone proof what you wrote. Second if you think it would be best if McCain "apologizes" and "admits" that he has flawed thinking then you would be wrong. If he admits anything our liberal media will eat him alive and obama will forever be seen as the smartest person on the planet. The media and the liberals never forgive any conservative for anything, period. They simply use the admission to drive a stake through the conservative's heart. It is bloodsport for them. I am not convinced that you aren't an obama supporter, you pick out everything McCain is accused of doing wrong and you overlook anything obama has done. You don't mention anything about obama personally and his party are fully responsible for this mortgage fiasco and they were warned by McCain and his party that we were headed for disaster. As for the public seeing obama in a positive light you can give a ton of credit to the media, they have yet to find a single thing he has ever done wrong! I would also say that when you say you pity me it sounds like all the liberals who feel sorry that anyone who disagrees with them must be stupid, uneducated, or uncaring. This is the liberal modus operandi. So please don't pity me because I have the free will to disagree with you.

Posted October 23, 2008 by Cengiz

Hello, Kamal. Greetings from Colorado! (Kansas, actually, I am on the road at present.)

Still another excellent analysis, thank you! Is it really possible that this country is ready to elect an African American to the Presidency? I hope so, and I shall vote for him!

Posted October 23, 2008 by Lex

Hey this is a great piece Kamal... What are you up to these days? I was going to call you the other day to say hey. I am reluctantly supporting Barack Obama, but still have lingering concerns about him.

Posted October 23, 2008 by Thomas

Thanks brother. Just one question. Are you sure you are not actually Barak?

Posted October 23, 2008 by Anonymous


It is good to know and see that your view about mis-adventure in Iraq and the misbehavior of Republican Party (President Bush) has finally changed. Unfortunately, your previous commentaries were all in favor of Bush and his misguided policies, which many amongst us from the beginning of this war have been saying that, this is and was, a misguided policy. Previously your commentaries were camouflaged under a patriotic flag waver and managed to miss the undercurrent of the disgruntled Americans, not just a few but majority in numbers.

Perhaps Fox News was your only source of information.

What Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh (& Fox News) fail to tell the public that dis-agreement about War in Iraq is as "Patriotic and American" as agreement with the War.

Now you are finally jumping on the bandwagon, that Obama's has been right and the war was wrong to begin with. Also, realizing from your previous commentaries, had McCain numbers been a little better, you might be still be singing his blues! Your comment is too little too late. On the other hand, I guess, it is Better Late Than Never!

Welcome aboard!


Posted October 23, 2008 by Max


I am actully surprised that you support Barak. I thought u would definitly be a Mccain guy. I know you care a lot about Israel and Mccain seems to keep talking about protecting Israel

Posted October 23, 2008 by Buraq

You are nuts.

The Iraq war was necessary and good.
I am a Soldier on my 2nd tour here.
Till this article I liked what you had to were the only sane muslim out there speaking things that made sense.

So I guess you wish saddam was still in power murdering and raping his own people?

We HAVE to use force at times...evil people will NOT always stop with just diplomacy.
To think otherwise shows that YOU are the one who has flawed thinking.


Posted October 23, 2008 by Erik

Extre~ Extre~
Sarah Palin defines "domestic terrorist". Specifically asked if an abortion clinic bomber is so defined and replies: " . . I don't know if you're gonna use the word 'terrorist' there but its . . unacceptable. . "
(1:20) ~

Posted October 23, 2008 by Trollstein

"Obama-controlled Media . . "
"The Palin factor would have easily won this for McCain, save that the Media is on Obama's side."
The foregoing is possibly the most poorly reasoned statements I have yet heard on the subject.
Obama controls the media because he has raised far in excess of his Republican counterpart and more importantly, these were small donations. Finally, tanks God, the internet has provided us with a tool to level the playing field and no longer do the economically all-powerful plow the common citizen under with big checks and bigger networks of check providers.
"They chopped up her interviews . ."
She has done a total of about 10 and 7 of them have been with McCain there to kick her under the table when needed.
She chopped herself up by not being qualified. And its not about her clothing. Its about the campaign paying $150,000. for them.
She is a female George Bush only Bush-W knew when not to press his intellectual luck. She 'doubles-down' with a 16, against the dealer's ace of spades.

Posted October 24, 2008 by Trollstein

Of course the media support Barak. This trend is all over the world where white people are committing soicide.
White people lost their religous values and value for their heretage. They vote for Obama for no reason other than he is black. It is part of that white guilt that our public schools have engraned in our students. God help white people because we will be slaughtered by the blacks in the futur

Posted October 24, 2008 by steve

Posted October 24, 2008 by Steve

Great Aticle, I am a Mccain supporter and this article made a lot of sense to me.

Thanks, keep them comming.

Posted October 24, 2008 by Andrew

Whe I criticized the Media, Trollstein said:

"The foregoing is possibly the most poorly reasoned statements I have yet heard on the subject."

This is the same argument I made against the media. If you don't agree with someone, you attack their intelligence. The fact is, when Palin's candidacy was announced, that put McCain ahead of Obama. I assume that someone as smart as you would remember that. What the media SHOULD have done was attack her continued willingness to violate Habeas Corpus. Instead, knowing that Obama/Biden would probably do the same, the Media attacked her intelligence. I guess that's good politics: If you put both campaigns side-by-side, you don't get any real difference. They both want to violate the Constitution.

Trollstein also said:
"Obama controls the media because he has raised far in excess of his Republican counterpart and more importantly, these were small donations."

Again, this is wrong. There are 3 Liberal Cable News channels to one Conservative one. There are 3 liberal national channels to one FOX channel. This is not because of "small donations." This is because of rich media execs. I thought we were supposed to be in a recession, but somehow Obama raised almost a billion dollars. He's a country unto himself. This election is about alot more than just the Presidency, but ALL of the media networks want you to keep focused on electing the next KING who will oppress us. They don't want real "change." They want you to forget about the Congress, who voted AGAINST the will of the People to steal our money to give it to rich fat-cats on Wall Street. They want you to forget about Proposition 8 which, if it fails, will bolster legislating from the bench and keep gay marriage legal in California against the will of the People. They want you to forget about Slots in MD and so many other issues...

If I had to vote for one of these two warmongers, I'd vote for McCain because we need more Constitutionalists on the Supreme Court. Obama voted against John Roberts because of his ideology. McCain voted for Ginsberg, et al. because they were qualified. That says alot. We also need someone to balance out the Pelosi-Reed Congress. I don't want a king, and like Trollstein says, I don't have to listen to the media.

Posted October 26, 2008 by Robert Broadus

If Mccain wins it will be because of Palin. Many people love Palin

Posted October 26, 2008 by Jamil

Robert Broadus:
You wrote:
"If you don't agree with someone, you attack their intelligence."
What was I supposed to say in reply?
'The foregoing is possibly the most WELL reasoned statements I have yet heard on the subject'?
What I said was as polite as one could be and still make their point. It did not reflect on your personal intelligence--merely the lack of logic of your posted conclusions.
I had attacked no one but now you have begun to annoy me because a false accusation is itself a form of personal attack.
You wrote:
"The fact is, when Palin's candidacy was announced, that put McCain ahead of Obama. I assume that someone as smart as you would remember that. "
Saying that it "put McCain ahead of Obama" is an exaggeration. It created a short-lived sense of excitement, especially among Democratic women who were still miffed because Ms. Hillary (and her vast political machine) had been usurped by Mr. Obama. However, as time ticked-off, these left-leaning women realized that they were being sold a bill-of-goods, that Palin was a reactionary Republican who was essentially a menstruating Jesse Helms with big, Colgate smile, 2/3rds his IQ and proud of it!! Moreover, the general public also noted that she was a light-weight intellectually and so not only did the 'R's loose the women they had expected to gain, they lost back some lifelong Republicans, such as (that Marxist) Colin Powell (or did someone as smart as you not remember that Obama/Biden endorsement?) The day after Palin's selection was announced I posted on other blogs that it was a disastrous mistake and profound misjudgment of how women's loyalties function. So I actually remember both events. The modest bounce she inspired and my dismissal of it as inherently short-lived.
You wrote:
"There are 3 Liberal Cable News channels to one Conservative one. There are 3 liberal national channels to one FOX channel. This is not because of "small donations." This is because of rich media execs."
NBC ) arguably the furthest left is owned entirely by General Electric, a major defense contractor. You are correct that the bulk of the TV media has favored Obama this election. But it is NOT due to "rich media execs". Its because the TV commentators and their back-room production staff are generally high-functioning (like Obama). They read the news every day. They know what has gone wrong over the past two presidential terms. They may even fee, to some degree, partly responsible for going too easy on Bush-W.
As far as the Supreme Court, I strongly suspect that you have a limited knowledge-base of what is going on with the U.S. Courts. The reason I have this suspicion is because your statements on the subject sound like canned sound-bites from the radical right and consequently they ring of a fabled reality commingled with 'NRA' style ideology. Those in true power have kept you not only politically disenfranchised but also misinformed, through the creation and propagation of a pro-wrestling style hero/villain fable. While you bicker with the one whom you suppose to be the 'villain', and whilst they bicker with you, those who have set this scene go on about their business completely unaffected.

Posted October 28, 2008 by Trollstein

Greetings Kamal,

It has been quite some time since I've sent you an email. I hope that you and yours are well.

I would differ that the Iraq front on the Terror War was a mistake. Time, place and circumstance made it almost inevitable. When it comes to that action, pro and con are well dug in. Such is life.

As well, living near D.C., you may be prone to the buzz. My wife-to-be and I lived in D.C. for a year and I can assure you that there is little thinking there reflecting anything like the attitudes and perspectives here. We do not send our children to war. Our sons and daughters, for many years running, have enlisted to serve at the pleasure of the country, eyes open. We, here, understand the sacrifice as well as anyone. It is not widely believed, here, that the sustained Terror War or our actions in Iraq were wrong, but, within the beltway, the faith states that it is widely believed.

Take care, Terry

Posted October 29, 2008 by Terry

Have you ever heard of the song McCain sings gleefully?
Bomb Bomb Iran!
And he is going to say I have no Agressive intentions! You kid yourself Mr.Nawash.

Posted November 01, 2008 by terry Shaikh

I guess the current war is the only war in the history of man, that is illegal and imorale. It is said made possible through the lies of our president. Loud voices coming from people that have absolutely no ideal what they are shouting about. It is in my opinion simply riot syndrome. pied pipers leading heards of non thinkers down the political garden path...

Posted February 05, 2009 by Bob Clayton

I dont like obama hes is full of shit like the rest of americas evil disbelieving people9

Posted December 13, 2010 by Raheem

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