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Free Muslims Call for Dismantling of Hezbollah not Destruction of Lebanon

The Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism calls on the United States government to take an active role in limiting the fighting in Lebanon to Hezbollah and for Arab governments to demand that Hezbollah be dismantled.

Several days ago the Hezbollah militia attacked the Israeli military and kidnapped two soldiers hoping they can exchange the soldiers for Hezbollah hostages imprisoned in Israel. Israel responded by attacking Lebanon's infrastructure. Israel has destroyed oil depots, bridges, seaports, electric transformers, air port and otherwise did enormous damage to Lebanon in the hope that the destruction of Lebanon would persuade the Lebanese government to dismantle Hezbollah and replace the militia with Lebanese soldiers.

The Free Muslims have been calling for the dismantling of Hezbollah for the last three years. We recognize that Hezbollah's loyalty is to Iran and not Lebanon. This is why Israel's attack on Lebanon's infrastructure rather than just Hezbollah is shortsighted, immoral and counterproductive. Israel's fight is with Hezbollah and not Lebanon nor the Lebanese government which has no control over Hezbollah.

The irony is that Israel itself recognizes that Lebanon is too weak to control Hezbollah but nevertheless holds Lebanon liable. If Israel wants to dismantle or destroy Hezbollah Israel has to do it itself by attacking the militia directly.

Lebanon is headed by a pro-western, pro-American government that would love for Hezbollah to disappear. The goal of the United States and Israel should be to strengthen the Lebanese government not weaken it. If Israel focuses its attack against Hezbollah the Lebanese government will be in a better position to dismantle Hezbollah and control the border with Israel. If Israel continues to attack non-Hezbollah infrastructure more and more Lebanese, including the Christians, Sunnis Muslims and Druze may unite behind Hezbollah.

Posted July 16, 2006 by Kamal Nawash