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Egypt, Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood

To the surprise of everyone, a nonviolent movement was able to topple a modern day pharaoh in Egypt. For that, the Free Muslims Coalition congratulates the Egyptian people.

In assessing the revolution, most experts focused on Mubarak's authoritarian government as the catalyst for the revolution. It is true that Mubarak was authoritarian but he has been authoritarian for 30 years. What ultimately brought him down were inflation, unemployment, corruption and a poor economy in general. This is why more authoritarian governments such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar are less likely to have a revolution. The governments in those nations are able to provide their people with a good standard of living.

Nevertheless, news reports suggest that the U.S. is sending envoys to allies such as Jordan to encourage political reform. This is a mistake. If the United States wants to help allies it should focus on reducing corruption and increasing economic growth before focusing on political reform. Political reform should be natural and not appear to come from outside.

As to the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the main reasons why a significant number of people in the Middle East seek Islamic based fundamentalist governments is because of the expectation that such governments would eliminate corruption, produce stronger economies, reduced unemployment and create higher standards of living. Obviously, Islamic states, as with any state based on religion, are much less likely to produce peace and prosperity. However, by the time supporters of religious states discover that such states produce failure; it is usually too late to do anything about their governments. Religious governments usually equate opposition to their rule with opposition to God, which is a strong deterrent to protesters. Iran is an example.

As to Israel, there are only two states which have diplomatic relations with Israel and this number will never increase unless Israel makes peace with the Palestinians. Egypt and Jordan established political relations with Israel against the will of their people. They established relations because of political, strategic and economic necessity. Israel's other neighbors do not have the same pressures that Jordan and Egypt had and thus they have no incentive to establish relations with Israel. Thus, democratic changes in Middle Easter nations will produce one of the following two results with respect to Israel: 1. the status quo will be maintained or 2. diplomatic relations will cool. Under any circumstance, there will be no improvement in relations and no new peace agreements unless peace is made with the Palestinians. As to war, that is highly unlikely no matter who takes control.

It is still unknown which direction Egypt and Tunisia will go in terms of creating secular or religious governments. Hopefully, the people of Egypt and Tunis create secular governments while maintaining their conservative cultures.

Media inquiries should be directed to Kamal Nawash, 202-776-7190,,

Posted February 13, 2011 by Kamal Nawash


Dear Kamal, how is it possible for Israel to make peace with supplanted Jordanians when they wish to drive them into the see and do not even recognize them in the first place. It is no different than making a deal with Hitler, they have no intention of stopping their fight against Israel. Arafat an Egyptian born leader of the PLO and the then King of Jordan started all this nonsense about a Palestianian people. It is true, once a lie is told over and over it becomes truth, no different than islam itself and its self proclaimed prophet mohammad. The quran itself says it confirms the books that came before, but it is nothing like the books that came before. Why does this nonsense continue? Why does a smart man like yourself continue in deception? Is it fear of hell fire? You and Dr. Al Sina should definitely get together and talk.

Posted February 15, 2011 by Frank Linane

Insurrections, which are not at all like revolutions, are not about seizing power, they're about knowing what to do after...When will all us Muslims begin thinking beyond the Western paradigm of the nation-State...When was the nation-State ever an Islamic idea, as opposed to a post-colonial one inherited and internalized ...Why don't you look into something more interesting like this .

...the author is of egyptian descent not that 'that' should make a difference.

Posted February 15, 2011 by Emma Rossellini

Israel obviously wants peace. One cannot say the same for the Arabs generally and the Palestinians specifically. Islam is an imperial religion. Judaism is not.

Posted February 15, 2011 by john norman

This article is not about Israel. The author merely said that unless peace is made with the Palestenians there will be no peace with Israel. It is clear to me so I don't understand the above comments

Posted February 15, 2011 by Jerome

Peace will reign when the Arab world stops looking at Israel as an obstacle. Israel has taken a piece of sand and turned it into a thriving cosmopolitain center of manufacturing, research and education. What have the Palestinians done except fire mortars across the borders? You talk about "Peace" with the Palestinians? By peace you mean total capitulation. I disagree. This subject can not be broached without including Israel in the conversation. Israel is an economic powerhouse that could actually help struggling nations in the region but should not do so if attack is the only response. Political reform is a vehicle for this however, it needs to be worked out between nations and not have outside influences. Until the Arab world stops calling for the destruction of Israel, peace will never be achieved. This, coming from a non-jew, is neither an economic or political statement but a basic tennant of human behavior.

Posted February 15, 2011 by Margaret Heekin


What are your thoughts on the the Muslim Brotherhood? Do all Muslims want Sharia law everywhere? Why are non-muslims considered their enemy? Your thoughts?

Posted February 15, 2011 by Bruce Tessen

"Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they know war any more." When the Palestinians and the nations that use them to take the attention away from their own corruption will allow Israel to co-exist in peace, or G-d willing, even friendship, you will see the Mid East bloom as Israel has bloomed. The hatred of the Arabs against the Jews is poisoning the world. The answer is found in the hearts and souls of the Arabs--the Jews, even those who hate, will come around if their existence isn't threatened.

Posted February 15, 2011 by Neelie

Iamal, well done. I agree with you at the 99% level. Keep sending your comments.

Posted February 15, 2011 by Dave Cotts

You must have had poor marks in mathematucs if you say that only two states have diplomatic relatioins with Israel. Perhaps you meant to say only two Arab or Islamic nations.

Posted February 15, 2011 by grigore

Let's hope there is no war

Posted February 15, 2011 by Simon

Kamal Nawash,
I have no knowledge of your organization (Free Muslims), but I was interested in your attitude toward a secular rather than a theocratic governance which you readily accept as superior to the economic welfare of all people with higher employment and less corruption. You do, however, slip in a subtle remark (easily misinterpreted by a non-Muslim reader) that your people should remain true to their "conservative values". In the vernacular of Islam, that could be simply praying six times daily, but to others it could mean Sharia Law with the stoning of women for virtually no reason and the killing of Jews and all "non-believers".

Further, this appears to suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a good choice for Egypt, which gives this group more credibility in my eyes.

It is self-evident that Muslims will not abandon their religion any more than others, but we can only hope that the young and better educated who seem to be at the forefront of these revolutions wish for a more "liberal", i.e., less fanatical approach to their Islamic belief.


Posted February 15, 2011 by Bob


There is a great danger to Industrial and democratic nations, coming from the Islamic world, which we are now experiencing as an outcome of the Revolution in Egypt.

In purely economic terms, there are highly vulnerable chokepoints for oil transportation to the industrial world including the Suez Canal, the Gate of Tears off Yemen and the Strait of Hormuz off Iran. 3.3 million barrels of oil move daily through the Gate of Tears and the Suez Canal, to feed the needs of the Industrial Nations such as Europe. 17 million barrels of oil are shipped daily through the Strait of Hormuz, which supplies major Industrial Nations such as Japan and India.

President Obama, who clearly has Muslim and leftist leanings, continually attempts to interfere with development of the Canadian oil sands and offshore drilling to prevent any ability for the Industrial Nations to have a viable solution to Arab oil.

The aim of Islam is have a world Caliphate and to subjugate the Infidels. For economic reasons alone, there must be total War against Islam which seeks to strangle our economies, keep us at their mercy for oil for industrial strength and undermine our defences. Iran is moving toward gaining supremacy of the Saudi oil fields by financing attacks from Yemen. They know that to control this commodity provides them with the power to control the region (especially when coupled with their nuclear might) and ultimately, control the needs of the industrial and democratic nations of the world.



Posted February 15, 2011 by Lorenzo

"Unless Israel makes peace with the Palestinians"???

What kind of anti-Semitism is this? The "Palestinians" (both Hamas and the PA) have openly and repeatedly said that they will never recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. For you to say that it is Israel that is responsible for the lack of peace is a blatant, Moslem lie. "Free Muslims"??


Posted February 15, 2011 by Carl

Under any circumstance, there will be no improvement in relations and no new peace agreements unless peace is made with the Palestinians.

Agreed. Please continue sending.


Posted February 15, 2011 by Julia


Are u insane. This article is not about Israel. Mr. Nawash is correct about his analysis. Who will recognize Israel when Isreal persecutes the Palestenians

Posted February 15, 2011 by Jose

I am of the mindset that Israel should just annex the West Bank and Gaza. I have several reasons to take Israel's side in this, not in spite of my strong Muslim background, but BECAUSE of it.
I supported the first Intifada that broke out in 1987, but opposed Israel's destruction. I supported Arafat's de facto recognition of Israel, and the Oslo Peace Accords. I always opposed Hamas strongly, not only because they refused to consider peace with Israel, but also because they are fundies.
My support for the Palestinians began to dwindle after suicide bombings against Israeli civilians were carried out by them. It turned sour when the 2nd Intifada broke out in 2000, and then more so after I saw how they celebrated on 9/11. When they elected Hamas, and then destroyed the greenhouses that the Israeis built after Ariel Sharon gave Gaza back to them, that was when my support for them disappeared.
What Israel ought to do is simply absorb the Palestinians and give them a clear choice: Either accept Israeli citizenship with all the rights and duties that come with it, or leave permanently. Enough is enough.

Posted February 16, 2011 by Nabil Ahmad

Addressing various posts:
The article is primarily about Egypt but is also about Israel (clearly). Those who say it is not about Israel are only reading what they want to read.
Addressing Carl:
I noticed this statement as well:
"Unless Israel makes peace with the Palestinians"
I would disagree with the context of the statement because it pre-supposes that the Israelis are singly responsible for the lack of peace and solely control the outcome. This is a bad and wrong viewpoint. But it is not "anti-Semitic". It is simply anti-factual, probably not even intentionally so. Mr. Nawash (BTW) likes us. But the almost universal frame-of-reference is so far bogus and biased that many people, often innocently, are almost compelled to start the conversation off from the wrong assumptions.
Thus, addressing Julia: "Under any circumstance, there will be no improvement in relations and no new peace agreements unless peace is made with the Palestinians."
This situation could just as easily be viewed from the opposite side of the magnifier. Namely, that the war against the Jews is maintained (perhaps artificially so) through the use of the Palestinian-Arab people as pawns of their own kings and dictators.
Lastly, to Jose:
"Who will recognize Israel when Isreal persecutes the Palestenians"
If Israel did not exist, the various Arab leaders would have to invent it, in order to have a common point of distraction, so as to keep their own people from recognizing their true persecutors, their own leaders and 1,400 year old power structures.

Posted February 16, 2011 by Trollstein

Excellent and politically wise article. Muslim Brotherhood (MB) should remain an organization for ''Da'awa and Irshad'' and charitable activities. MB should not be involved in politics directly. But can establish a separate political party to be run by their young qulified members. This political party can be called THE BROTHERHOOD PARTY without the word MUSLIM. We leave the Egyptian People to name them MUSLIM if they deserve such nomination by their proper action and performance. This IKHWAN Party should open its membership to all Egyptians regardless of their religion, as long as they believe in the Party's Principles, Values and Manifesto. Al'Madina Charter should be the source for the Party's Charter in its relation with the non- Muslims. Let the JAMA'A concetrate on Guidance and the Party on politics and living affairs. The JAMA'A will always be the reference and the judge of the Party's performance.

Posted February 16, 2011 by Aly El-Kabbany

How can the US reduce corruption anywhere? Having lived for many years in a country where corruption is endemic (Mexico) I can hardly begin to say how naive such a comment sounds.
Economics is simply an expression of political relationships - a good economy results from a high capacity for people to work together. With the exception of a few very small states such as Singapore, which are amenable to a different approach, this means political reform is necessary for economic progress.

'As to Israel, there are only two states which have diplomatic relations with Israel and this number will never increase unless Israel makes peace with the Palestinians. '
OK - there are a lot of extremists (mainly of the religious variety) who don't want to make peace with anybody. This isn't the case with the Jews I have spoken to. I can also say, from conversations with (mainly Saudi) Arabs, that the Jews are the victims of the most race hate propaganda imaginable. Saudi newspapers report, for example, that Jews annually capture Moslem men to extract their blood to make cakes. Deliberate falsehood, of course. Nasty stuff, but potent. The Palestinians are not averse to a similar tactics - in fact they employ them all the time. I'd like to see you make peace with that.

No peace will be made with Israel until the Arab states put their houses in order. Israel is the scapegoat for all their internal problems. Israel could make peace with the Palestinians a thousand times - it would be a waste of energy since the Arab states do not want peace.

Posted February 16, 2011 by Tangible


What about the fact Palestenians have no rights in Israel, which controls their destiny. They are not citizens in the country of their birth. They have no rights. Do you not think that causes problems? Your demand for a Jewsih State is blinding you to the suffering Jews impose of Palestenians. How can you accept persecuting a people when you were persecuted.

Posted February 16, 2011 by Penut

You wrote: "What about the fact Palestenians have no rights in Israel . . . "
Israel is a nation which was specifically and intentionally created as the only Jewish majority nation in the entire world. As such, it is a sanctuary and a refuge from thousands of years of institutional and mob violence--directed against Jews. This tiny nation, smaller then New Jersey and 1.5% of the land in the Mid East is the refuge for the people who invented:
prayer, church (or temple) redemption, universal education, charity and the modern judicial process. Scholars debate if Phoenician or Hebrew was the first written language but considering that Phoenician disappeared eons ago, it really does not matter.
Israel (in spite of its 'refuge' status) has a 25% Arab citizenry. Just next door in Jordan, where Jewish communities continually existed for the past 3,400 years, Jews no longer live, courtesy of the "Jordanian Citizenship Laws" of 1967 which granted citizenship to all people Jordan acquired when it first came into existence in the1920s but specifically excluded its native Jews. So there is no comparative question of if Jews living in Arab nations have equal rights to the Arabs, because there are no longer any such Jews in any Arab nations. Nor is it productive to argue on the question of if Arab citizens of Israel have 90% equal rights or 98% equal rights because this question is too subjective to ever be scientific. But when you say that: " . . .Palestenians have no rights in Israel . . . " That is just completely false. Arab Israeli citizens have far more rights in Israel then they do in most every Arab nation. If they are not Israeli citizens then they have the same status that I would have visiting New Zealand, or Italy. You are either blurring the facts or you have them completely wrong.
Hebrews do not persecute Arabs. Israelis defend their borders and their citizens from attack, as any other modern, well armed nation would do. 98% of the suffering of the Pal/Arabs is the result of their own tyrannical leadership and the remaining 2% is FAR less suffering then would be inflicted upon them if they had been attacking any Arab nation. This has been proven time and again, in places such as Jordan, Syria and Kuwait.
Have a look at this video for some needed perspective.
You have been hypnotized to see the situation backwards from reality.

Posted February 17, 2011 by Trollstein

start with peaceful protest.
if out come is kill jews if journalist
beat up shes jewish,
if out come is muslim brother hood
there is no peaceful protest.
if you hate the west

wich freemuslims did made a free protest
just civill and polite speaking in the street.

with all do respect.what is palstine
hamas islamic jihad fatach al qada is there there is no palestine
country have laws rules Consituion
all these groups are terrorist.
no one stand up and scream how does fire rockets help to build gaza
how does this
help to build.
when kamal dr zuhidi jasser came
they build something from sratch

arab they scream under regime of iran
death to america death to the west look
at england
as long allll egypt lybia bahrein fight
them self we have rest.
unless people that want a change want live as us as people of iran
we need to support it

so if don t care name or where your from
want to build something respect your neighbor,
this case mi neighbor be freemuslims dr zuhadi jasser nonie darwish

watch for regime of iran
slaughter tere own people country
and the world,regime,

Posted February 18, 2011 by alberto gorin


You are not honest. The Palestenians in the westbank do not have israli citizenship. Israel took their land but did not give them rights. And you expect peace. Dream on

Posted February 18, 2011 by PENUT

First of all, can you even spell "Palestinians"? For that is about how much you know of the situation. Next to nothing.
Palestinian-Arabs who live outside Israel's borders, for example in the West Bank and Gaza are no more Israeli citizens then Jordanian-Arabs or Syrian-Arabs. Nor did Israel take their land. What Israel has offered them continually since 1948 is a seperate nation, with only ONE condition. Namely, a final settlement of the dispute and an end to the attacks. The Pal/Arab leadership has rejected for a variety of reasons. Their main reason is that they want concessions without any agreements. Israel rightly refuses. Here is another good video for your information:
Believe what you want. That is one of the advantages of free speech and expression. But I am one of the most honest people in the world.

Posted February 18, 2011 by Trollstein

PS Penut:
I do NOT expect peace. I do not even expect sanity. The less I expect, the less disappointed I become.

Posted February 18, 2011 by Trollstein


You say that the west bank is a seperate country? How can that be? Most Isralis think of the west Bank as part of Israel. That is why they build settlement. U cannot have your cake and eat it too. Think of America and South Aftrica. You must treat palestinians as equal humans. All people oppose inequality

Posted February 18, 2011 by Penut

I do NOT say that the West Bank is a separate country. I merely say it is not part of the Israel country. Do you dispute this? From the year 134-CE until 1922, "Palestine" was not any country and was part of other nations. All those years, Palestine was 45,000 square miles. Israel today is 8,000 square miles. What happened to the other 4/5ths? It is now known as Jordan. From the years of 1948 until 1967, Jordan also controlled the West Bank and East Jerusalem, although they did so as 'occupiers' with no sovereign rights.
You make too many assumptions, you read too much into my words and you try to put words in my mouth. Plus, my friend, you don't know very much of what you are talking about. Don't feel so bad though, you are NOT alone. Some of your own words reveal the true reason for this conflict.
You wrote (before): "How can you accept persecuting a people when you were persecuted."
I am an American. I can tell you for sure that if I were born an Arab/Muslim in the West Bank and provided that I had access to the same information, my opinion would today be the same. This entire conflict exists primarily for the purpose of sucking the Jewish population of the entire world into a 'black hole'. It exists to dirty the Jewish population and your above statement supports my conclusion. If you reverse the engineering you can see that this is the result. The result must have correlation to the cause.
We live in a tribal world. As long as there are majority tribes and minority tribes there will not be 100% equality. Its human nature and its hard-wired into our systems. But the real important question is whether the Arabs are reasonably equal to the Israelis. Arab Israeli citizens are. For sure. Try being Jewish in Saudi Arabia. That is the measurement of "reasonability". Arabs who live outside of Israel and are not Israeli citizens have no rights as Israeli citizens and it is irrelevant if they are Arabs, Chinese, Swiss or Eskimos.
The most zealot Hebrews believe that all land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean is legally and rightfully Israeli sovereign territory. But that is not the end of the disagreement, it is merely the beginning. Because Arabs have been migrating there from other places for 90 years. You might say that Jews have also migrated. Too bad. Tough luck. It is NOT a valid comparison because Jews have only one small (mixed) nation to escape to, while Arabs are almost exclusive majorities in 22 other Mid Eastern nations, comprising 98.5% of the land. The Hebrews intend to remain the ruling majority in their one little nation and ultimately, some day, non-Jews may loose their voting rights therein for that reason, if their population approaches a majority. They want to live inside a refuge, fine. But before it is any democracy, it is a refuge.
So the Arab leadership has demanded a sovereign nation. Israel would prefer that Jordan annexes the WB but they don't want it either. I wonder why?
Right now the WB Arabs can declare their independence any time they like. But they don't want it either. They want to swallow Israel, the same way that Muslim Hezbollah is at this very second swallowing otherwise Christian Lebanon. Wait till you see the bloodbath that results from that acquisition. People will be longing for the good old days of Israeli so called "occupation".

Posted February 18, 2011 by Trollstein


U are in living in a fantacy world. I am from mexico and visited Israel with my church. I saw how israel persecutes Palestinians. Humans are wired not to accept discrimination. Israel will never have peace until you free Palestinians from bondage and give them equality.

Posted February 21, 2011 by Anonymous

Posted February 21, 2011 by Trollstein

Times have changed now and modern technology has brought revolutionary changes in the world. So Middle East countries cannot be isolated from these changes. It would be better if they bring some reforms in their countries and bring up the economic level of their people. Live and Let Live is theory nowadays and nobody has times to see for what is happening in the world, as everybody is busy in their bread and butter.

Posted March 05, 2011 by Hira54