Founder, Kamal Nawash

Kamal Nawash is a Palestinian born American lawyer from Jerusalem. He works for the Nawash Law Office in Washington, D.C.

Kamal Nawash has been an advocate for many social and civil rights causes. However, his passion has always been the Equal Rights Solution (One1State Solution) for Israel-Palestine.

In recent years, Kamal Nawash shocked many by organizing a conference at a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Nawash argued that due to the historical claims both Palestinians and Israelis have for the same territory the only possible solution is for them is to become equal citizens in a united country. Nawash believes that Israel/Palestine is indivisible, as is Jerusalem and thus he favors the creation of a Federation rather than racially segregating Israelis and Palestinians into "two states."

Nawash has been a regular guest on CNN, Fox, BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, Voice of America, and many U.S. radio stations.